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Moto Guzzi2017 V9 BOBBER

$6750- no extras fees

Like all modern Moto Guzzis, the V9 Bobber is equipped with advanced electronic systems for additional safety. The Bobber arrives with a standard advanced two-channel ABS and MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control) that’s adjustable in two levels of operation and can be turned off. Other standard features include an immobilizer and USB charging port located under the steering head.

The new electronic instrumentation, with a single circular dial, is also consistent with the style of the modern V9s. The speedometer has an analog dial, and all other information is displayed digitally: odometer, partial trip and daily trip (with automatic reset after eight hours after shutdown), trip time, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, clock, outside temperature, average speed, MGCT level, in addition to the gear position and shift indicator (idle and maximum shift rpm can be adjusted by the user).

The extensive catalog of accessories for the V9 Bobber includes the MG-MP, the Moto Guzzi multimedia platform that connects a smartphone to the vehicle to provide an exceptional quantity of information useful for the journey.

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